quinta-feira, 16 de junho de 2011

quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2011

Three O'clock high

Sup fatties, Potato Peter here. Today I'll give you guys a hint of a good ol' movie called Three O'clock High (1987). Have you heard about it? Of course! EVERYBODY born at the 90's beginning and below knows this movie. It's a remarkable classic of our time.
Ok, it's not that epic, but it's so full of win! check it out:
So we have the nerd Jerry Mitchell. He's just a regular nerdy guy, like you and me. Rejected by the populars, only a few friends, and the editor of school newspaper.
Then we have the bullie Buddy Revell. A strong, badass-leather-jacked guy. He would kill you just by looking at you. A monster who already stabbed a teacher, broke another's arm, beated over 9000 students. A nice guy.
Buddy has this rule: He doesn't like to be touched by anyone. That's why he stabbed a teacher, broke another's arm and beated over 9000 students in the past. It's serious business. And he just joined Jerry's school.
Jerry is stupid, so even knowing about Buddy's rule about touching, he touches his arm, what results in a rage with the power of a thousand suns and Jerry's death sentence at the exit, at 3 O'clock.
So the movie is focused in the nerd's fear and psychological torture until the time. Funny as hell, you must see it. He tries to do everything, but just gets into deeper shit. The only exit is to fight Buddy.

Oh, and there's this girl who are supposed to be hot, but total brainless and a fucked up hair.

terça-feira, 14 de junho de 2011

Mamãe tecnológica

Nas internetz hoje mesmo, me deparo com um bom e velho Technologically-impaired duck. Inevitavelmente me lembro da minha querida mãe me gritando lá da sala, certa vez:
- Fala, mãe
- Por que meu e-mail não quer entrar????? Já tentei mil vezes e não abre!!! eu falo e você e seu irmão não me ouvem, ficam entupindo esse computador de jogo, pegando vírus, e ele fica aí todo bixado, tá vendo?
- Digitando o E-mail na URL fica difícil, né mãe.

Ela manja muito. Tanto que todos os seguintes já aconteceram lá em casa.

 E esse último aconteceu há uns anos, quando DVD já não era nem um pouco novidade em nosso mundo.

Beijo mãe, te amo :3

Your life is a lie

segunda-feira, 13 de junho de 2011

Big Crap Meal

My Waifu

It happens all the time. First I see my waifu and scream: ZOMG THERE U ARE, UR SO GORGEOUS COME HERE! Then I fap and let her go. Feels bad, but at the same time, this sentimentalism abscense makes me feel like alpha, fuck yea!
Check out ma waifu:
Isn't my Stoya wonderful? I see her with all those men in the movies but I regret nothing, because I know at night she will come home and sleep hugged to me again :3

domingo, 12 de junho de 2011

Fatties are always funnier

Why things always gets funnier when a fat guy is involved? And I mean... ALWAYS


He managed to have a manly and girly reaction at the same time! Again: a chubby dude. I love u bro, you make me proud of being fat.